About 90% of new businesses fail. This causes massive pain to their founders and other stakeholders including employees, investors, suppliers, distributors, creditors, customers and communities.

This website provides entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs with information about a business development system that can boost their probability of success and the quality of their entrepreneurial journey. This system is called the Strategic Startup System. Its core belief is that certain strategies, applied in a certain way and in a certain sequence, build success drivers that produce startup success.

The execution of the Strategic Startup System is not for the faint of heart. Hard work, intense focus and enormous self-discipline are required. But the prize – a successful startup – is well worth the effort. It foretells a successful business. And a successful business is an entrepreneur’s ticket to a beautiful life.

The Strategic Startup System helps entrepreneurs to:

  • Design a roadmap with milestones known to foretell success
  • Create commercially viable products and services
  • Attract a great team, great partners and high-quality capital
  • Safely and boldly navigate the startup minefield
  • Build shareholder value
  • Develop clarity of vision, certainty of outcome and confidence to execute boldly
  • Reduce anxiety, confusion, frustration, stress and struggle
  • Reduce false starts and fatal flaws
  • Avoid a patchwork of tactics held together by hope and hard work
  • Avoid the trial-and-error approach to startup development.

Mr. Roger Killen is the architect of the Strategic Startup System and developer of the Strategic Startup System Program. His vision is that entrepreneurs who apply the Strategic Startup System will fuel an upward spiral of startup quality, startup success and stakeholder rewards. This spiral will produce robust solutions for customers, massive job and wealth creation for society and fulfillment, fun and fortune for entrepreneurs.